Surrey Healing Association's mission is to train, support and unite registered healers and healing therapists from different complementary therapies and to join together with traditional medical professionals to deliver a holistic approach to the treatment of those in need of it. SHA healers practise 'Energy Healing', where treatment is applied by the laying on of hands. This technique may also be called 'spiritual healing' but since this term is often loaded with confusion as to what spirituality means, we prefer to call the complementary therapy our members practise 'Energy Healing'. We acknowledge that the potential for this healing experience is derived from an external source and our healers work by connecting and channeling healing energy received from that source.  To describe the healing process and give a  better understanding of the Energy Healing is, that it need not intrude on any belief;  secular or sacred.  Some people may attribute the universal energies to God and others to Nature. These energies exist and can be sensed, focussed and channelled for their beneficial properties. Energy Healing will go where there is a need.  S.H.A. seeks to make healing available to all regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.


Qualified Surrey Healers practise hands-on healing, a system which can help alleviate many minor symptoms,. It is also a useful compliment to more serious conditions requiring medication or surgery. Although it is sometimes called spiritual healing, SHA's healers are non- denominational and respect the patients religious beliefs regardless of their creed. One does not need to 'believe'' in a God or religion in order to gain benefit from this kind of hands-on healing. While medical science is becoming aware of the potential benefits, SHA has taken steps to ensure it is fully compliant with the code of ethics required to work effectively alongside mainstream healthcare.

A full treatment record is maintained by all Surrey Healers in accordance with data protection requirements. Patients remain fully clothed during treatment. There are no invasive practices, no clinical medications and no side-effects. You may stop recieving healing at any time you choose. Some SHA healers may charge for their treatment, or accept donations to cover out of pocket expenses- please discuss this before starting your treatment. All fully-trained SHA healers comply with the UK Healer's Association 'code of conduct and ethics' which strictly adheres to the following practise guidelines:

-Healer/ Patient boundaries.
-Medical/ Professional joint working.
-Legal & Statutory Frameworks.
-Record keeping and data protection.
-Healining practise guidelines.
-Disciplinary process and procedure.
-Healing animals and absent healing.

(In the first instance any complaints should be addressed to the Membership Secretary).


Only Registered Certificated Tutors can teach new Students.  Tutors teach students basic anatomy and physiology, the code of conduct, confidentiality, keeping patient records and the law. Each tutor has a unique method of teaching, as well as methods by which they run their group. You may study as an individual or as part of a group, depending on your tutor.

The cost of training will vary and the minimum period for training to become a full healer is two years. Tutors ensure SHA continues to grow by recruiting, training and mentoring new members. Tutors must be registered as full healers with SHA for two years before they can become tutors through further accreditation with us.


All SHA healers must undertake an extensive 2-year (104 hour) training programme (theory and practical assessment) and must pass a final examination before becoming accredited as full healers. If you are lready a qualified healer or healthcare professional, shorter tutorage may be negotiable. Training is available to anyone over the age of 18 provided they are nominated and mentored by one of SHA's accredited tutors. After qualifying, ALL healers re-register with us annually so pateients can easily tell how experienced they are. If you are interested in developing your abilities in this rewarding area by training to become an SHA accreditedhealer, please make direct contact with the tutor who lives closest to you via this link:


SHA registered Healers and Tutors come from all walks of life and social backgrounds. All have a keen interest in, and experience of, energy healing  A great many came to this calling after recieving energy healing themselves, or after watching the benefit it brought loved ones during their illness, distress and trauma.

SHA is currently represented by around 400 members located right across the UK; our membership is not restricted to residents of Surrey and neither are the services and treatments they offer.

SHA supports it's community of healers through a telephone access service, an annual general meeting, regular training and development days, peer (tutor-lead) support groups and comprehensive reference manuals. Our Student/ Healers manual contains information  on anatomy and physiology, assessment procedures, duties, responsibilities, training requirements, statutory obligations, public liability, data protection and other government guidelines. This is a substantial document that supports SHA members through their training and everyday practise as accredited 'full' healers.
SHA Tutors are additionally examined and qualified ahead of accreditation and are further supported by our Tutor Training Manual and a Certified Tutor Accreditation Document.

SHA is proud of the comprehensive support we offer to our members which, in turn, allows our healers and tutors to provide safe and effective healing interventions wherever they are requested.


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